PRG 2013 workshop

Hosted and Organised by the French Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety and by the Center for the Sociology of Organizations.


Paris, France

Even Dates

7-8 January 2013

About the Event

The use of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in risk assessment and risk management organisations in Europe and North America was investigated within a wider research and development contract between ANSES and the Centre for the Sociology of Organizations (CNRS-Sciences Po) on the use of social sciences in the production of expertise on health safety issues. A survey was conducted by Cécile Wendling (CSO) within a selected group of 17 of ANSES’s counterpart organisations in five countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, United States and Canada). The aims of the workshop were the following: - To present and discuss the results of the survey on “The uses of social sciences in public risk assessment and risk management organisations”. - To confront experiences in the use of social sciences based on country case studies. - To identify tools and methods that could be shared across national agencies.


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